Interested in German language and culture and want to learn German in France or brush up and expand your already acquired skills? Below we have compiled a few tips for you.

The Goethe Institutes are the most popular point of contact for German courses in France. These German cultural institutions offer a wide variety of language courses: the comprehensive range of the Goethe Institute has an appropriate language course for everyone – whether beginners or advanced learners!

There are also numerous other German or German-French cultural centres or associations offering language courses. They also have a wide range of German language courses for all ages and levels.

In some larger cities, so-called Cours municipaux pour adultes are offered by local communities, mostly as very affordable evening classes. Contact your local authority for information. There are also a considerable number of private language schools where you can learn German.

Various distance learning courses are offered by the CNED (Centre national d’enseignement à distance, National Centre for Distance Education).

Many French universities offer their students German courses as part of the “cours de langue pour non spécialistes”. These courses are sometimes open to non-students.